The Coochiemudlo Island Home Page

The Coochiemudlo Island Home Page

Coochiemudlo Island is located within the Redland Shire in South-East Queensland, between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The island lies in Moreton Bay, where it’s shallow beaches and mangroves are protected from the breakers of the South Pacific. The island is easily reached by a short ferry trip from Victoria Point. Although Coochie, as the island is known locally, is only 5 square kilometres in size, it boasts more than 4 Km of beautiful safe beaches, which are ideal for the kids. It has been called : ‘the jewel of Moreton Bay’. The name ‘Coochiemudlo’ refers to the red rock pictured above. This dominant feature makes the island easily recogniseable when seen from the mainland. Inspite of ‘mud’ appearing in the name, there is only a little mangrove – the rest is beach.If you decide you would like to stay a little longer, there is a motel which offers reasonable rates, and lots of private accommodation which can be let to holidaymakers.

Here’s a great place we can absolutely recommend ! Quirky Cottages

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Have a look at this great YouTube of Coochie

If you can’t make it to Coochie and need a bit of cheering up, try The Laughter Society

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How to get to CoochieClick here for a description of how to get to Coochie by car

Pictures of Coochiesome recent pictures of Coochie, including views of Coochie from Outer Space.

Coochiemudlo Mud MapClick here to display a mud map of Coochie

Art GalleryClick on the thumbnails to get larger versions of local artists’ work.

Bus and Ferry TimetablesThis site contains details of passenger ferry and barge sailings and also details of connecting buses.

Links to Other Sites Coochiemudlo’s beaches are among the thousands of beautiful beaches around Australia. Here is some environmental information about taking care of Australia’s coast and marine environment.
We’ve also added links to general guides on Australia, Queensland and Brisbane.

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