5 beautiful beaches to catch the summer sun (Part 2)


Maldives is located in the southern Lakshadweep Islands of India. The Maldives jewel has long been hailed as beautiful with its clear blue water and fine white sand, lovers dreaming of once coming here and experiencing the world of only us. In particular, the Maldives exempted visas for travellers in all countries for 30 days.

Maldives fun activities are quite diverse, most activities of exploring the sea such as scuba diving, snorkeling, diving are there to serve tourists. Besides, visitors can choose to buy small tours such as visiting the traditional Muslim villages of the Maldives, activities to see dolphins or visit the resorts here. If traveling freely, visitors can create their own romantic moments such as watching the sunrise and sunset in Maafushi. It is important to note that the Maldives is a Muslim country with no meat-based cuisine, mostly Indian cuisine, only a few restaurants have Chinese and Western dishes.

Koh Rong (Cambodia)

As the second largest island in Cambodia, Koh Rong has become a favorite tourist attraction for many visitors in recent years. Besides the beautiful nature with the romantic island waters, Koh Rong also has many interesting recreational activities for visitors.

Facilities: resorts, restaurants, bars, amusement parks…

Fun activities: come to Koh Rong, sport-loving travelers are invited to participate in fun activities such as zipline riding from the top of Koh Rong hill, sitting in a slide cage, scuba diving or Trekking through the forest to explore the island. Or visitors can take a boat to visit the small islands, afternoon to watch the sunset in Long Beach. Koh Rong has restaurants close to the sea, suitable for both enjoying the afternoon and watching the blue sea. The cuisine in Koh Rong is quite diverse: from Khmer to Western, Thai and Vietnamese dishes. At night, the island has a vibrant BBQ party for those who love bustling.

Lombok (Indonesia)

Indonesia not only has the charming Bali but also a gentle and gentle Lombok archipelago with countless endless stretching beaches as inviting. Lombok is located in West Nusa Tenggara province, still pristine and deserted, fresh air, however Lombok also has many landscapes and cultural and artistic activities with many Indonesian identities for visitors to explore.

Fun activities: Lombok has a variety of entertainment options for tourists, besides exploring Gili with pristine island beaches, traditional food in Lombok is yellow rice (like fried rice) and Satay , but grilled fish is equally attractive. Sindang Gila and Tiu Kelep waterfalls are praised for their romantic and romantic beauty. The most impressive destination in Lombok is Pura Lingsar, which is a temple where followers of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam all come to pray. From Lombok, visitors can visit the Komodo nature reserve – of the Nusa Tenggara archipelago, the residence of the Komodo dragon. Traditional craft villages such as Banyumulek, Penujak, Masbagik and Sukarare, Puyung and Pringgasela weaving villages will help visitors better understand the unique cultural features of Indonesia.