5 The World’s Most Beautiful Island Paradise

There will be nothing happier than being immersed, lying on the sand listening to the sound of waves whispering in the ears before the island paradise with blue sea, white sand, yellow sunshine, and cool blue water.

If that is your dream, then come to 5 island paradise that we are about to introduce soon!


Located on the Indian Ocean, southwest of India and Sri Lanka with 1,192 atolls clustered into 26 groups of islands, the beautiful Maldives is a truly earthly paradise. With blue sea, white sand and golden sunshine, the Maldives is like a picture of the open sea and the beauty of any island nation can conquer the hearts of any visitor upon arrival. What would be better to be lying on the bungalows with one side of the wonderful tropical fruits? The other is a rich cocktail and zoom out of sight to see the emerald green of the open sea Maldives.

Maldives – vùng đất thiên đường - Ảnh: Long Nguyễn

As one of the highest island paradise in the world, in addition to having fun, immersing yourself in the clear blue sea or striding on the white sandy beaches full of dreaming, the Maldives will also bring for you countless other entertainments such as submarines, snorkeling, dolphin watching and many other recreational activities to meet the needs of visitors. According to scientists forecast, with the current rising speed of the sea, the Maldives may disappear from the world map in the near future, so come to the island paradise of Maldives gaze now!


Located in the South Pacific Ocean and located in the eastern part of Australia, Fiji Island consists of more than 800 islands, large and small, and most of the islands in this archipelago are hilly terrain covered by forests. primary tropical. Possessing a pristine nature with mesmerizing blue sea, this island nation can seduce any visitor to come here. Coming to Fiji, besides the great moments on the beach, visitors will also experience extremely unique adventure tours such as swimming with gray sharks or skydiving.



Not only is the tourist paradise of the United States, Hawaii is also considered as a tourist monument of the world with the most beautiful beaches in the world with beautiful tropical scenery and year-round cool climate. Not only that, Hawaii is also known as one of the most famous surfing spots in the world with huge waves. The best time to visit Hawaii is around April, May, September, and October – this is the time when Hawaii has the best weather and the most convenient climate for traveling. However, if you are adventurous and love conquering the waves, the winter in Hawaii is the time for you.

is also considered as a tourist monument of the world with the most beautiful beaches in the world with beautiful tropical scenery and year-round cool climate. Not only that, Hawaii is also known as one of the most famous surfing spots in the world with huge waves. The best time to visit Hawaii is around April, May, September, and October – this is the time when Hawaii has the best weather and the most convenient climate for traveling. However, if you are adventurous and love conquering the waves, the winter in Hawaii is the time for you.


What sports you should try when traveling on the beach

Although marine tourism is still a problem that many people wonder, there are still a lot of clean beaches and worth you to visit this summer.

Cruise is the favorite of most people when summer comes. What is more interesting than being immersed in the cool sea, breathing the salty air but extremely refreshing in the vast sea.

Walking under the sea

Have you ever thought that you could walk on the bottom of the ocean and look at everything deep down there? This is a very new and new form of tourism in some countries. Instead of diving, you will be wearing a hat weighing about 32 kg and walking in the corridor built under the sea. This is not only a very new experience because you will be on the bottom of the deep, but you can also see the coral reefs and feed the fish yourself.

Drive a water motor

Motorcycling is one of the sea services not for the faint of heart. If you love thrills, like surfing through white waves, don’t miss this exciting experience. However, riding a motorbike is not so safe, so if you have never ridden you should follow the instructions of staff or hire a motorcyclist on your behalf.



If you like to fly, don’t miss the paragliding, paragliding experience. This is also a quite adventurous and fascinating sport. Although usually for those who like thrills, but if you are a little worried, do not worry because before flying you will be wearing a life jacket, a protective belt, specific instructions.


You will start flying when the canoe pulls you up about 70 – 100 m. From this height, you will be able to experience the feeling of floating in the sky, watching everything from above. Sure there will be moments of suspense and fear but you will be much more excited and happy.


Add an extremely adventurous sport not for the faint of heart. If you like the feeling of riding a wave, conquering your limits, perhaps surfing is a sport that you should try and even in this season of sea travel.


Of course, learning to surf is not easy, to learn surfing techniques, it will take you quite a long time to practice. In addition to surfing like in the movie, there is another form of windsurfing, which is easier and more suitable for beginners of this sport.

10 island paradise travel real in the world

The beautiful bays, poetic scenery, rich flora and fauna, and the hospitality of the indigenous people have contributed to making the following 10 famous tourist islands become real paradise in the world.

1. Galapagos, Ecuador

Standing at number one is the tourist island of Galapagos of Ecuador. Galapagos became the endless source of inspiration for many photographers with its flora and fauna and beautiful blue coast. Besides, the tourism service system such as luxurious restaurants, hotels and resorts has contributed to make Galapagos the best tourist island in the world in 2015.

2. Bali, Indonesia

Nature has blessed Bali with blue sea, white banks and shimmering waterfalls. In addition to sea paradise and creatures, visitors also learn about volcanoes, terraces and mysterious Hindu temples. Bali has become the number one choice for Australian and British travelers.


3. Maldives

The white sand stretches, the sunshine all year round with the blue sky and the wooden houses on the sea, the Maldives is truly a beautiful paradise. For couples looking for romance, this tourist island is the key. If you feel tired, you can relax on the white sand beaches or dunes scattered.

4. Tasmania, Australia

Dubbed the most beautiful island in the Pacific region. Tasmania is especially attractive to the dreamy beaches and rich flora and fauna. Tasmania is Australia’s national reserve and Australia’s world heritage site.


5. Santorini, Greece

Santorini is an island of Greek myths that fascinates visitors with the charming blue of the sea and the peaceful beauty from the sunset every afternoon in Oia town. Coming here, visitors will be impressed with Perissa black sand beach and houses nestled on the cliffs, Akrotiri archaeological site.

6. Moorea, France

Beautiful Moorea Island in the Polynesia Islands, France has lush landscapes. Beaches and great restaurants in Moorea make visitors more satisfied. Especially tours to Moorea offer visitors a great experience.


7. Maui, United States

This small island is located in the famous Hawaiian Islands, with unique natural scenery. Guests can surf, bask in the white cut beaches, or explore ecotourism in the surrounding area.

8. Kauai, USA

Kauai Island in Hawaii is like a lush valley with coral reefs, beautiful beaches and volcanic peaks obscured by fog. For those who love adventure and love the majestic beauty of nature, coastal Na Pali, Honopu valley, Kalalau, Hanalei bay, Mana Waipuna waterfall … on Kauai Island promises to be a memorable stop when coming. Hawaii

9. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

This tourist island is a paradise for diving enthusiasts because the Great Barrier Reef has many beautiful coral reefs. The Great Barrier Reef Islands has about 100 islands, large and small. So visitors will not be bored when exploring this place.


10. Malta

Malta is a small island nation located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, about 80km from the Italian island of Sicilia. Despite being just over 300km², every inch of Malta’s land is so precious when it comes to 9 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Double surfing: A fascinating sport in Hawaii

If you are planning to travel to Hawaii, do not forget to admire the graceful movements from the double surfing.

Double surfing is a sport that requires windsurfing skills, strength, flexibility, concentration and balance, as well as courage and trust with each other. Two people on the team need to work together and timing accurately to perform difficult movements.

Before coming to double surfing, some people practiced surfing as a child, developing their skills in solo surfing to a certain level. Remember, they have the ability to evaluate the waves and choose which wave can be both safe and fun. Besides, they are also very hard to exercise.


Being a good swimmer and not afraid of heights makes women confident enough to play professional surfing at the double level. Improving the rhythm of movement in the body will help you just surf, then perform a difficult movement (such as yoga) while keeping balance to turn double surfing into a big challenge.

Sometimes when surfing among the waves, we will be slapped on the face and chest. Always be wary. While riding the wave, the wave became bumpy or hit the men, both of them had to immediately change the post. Need to have the agreement between two people, decide quickly and synchronize movements so that no one has to fall.


Not only men but also women must be strong enough to keep themselves in the air. This requires a woman to be both muscular and muscular. In addition, increasing flexibility – Flexibility can make a difference in competitions.

Some couples taking part in the game are dating, while others are getting married. However, many couples are merely co-stars. Even so, the man must respect her co-star and her safety will be his top priority.


On the contrary, the woman also trusted her co-star so he could lift her up and keep her safe. Women may love big waves, but be aware that your partner will avoid them if the waves are too steep.

In addition, other surfers must be respected. Willingness to yield to them to ensure safety for everyone, strengthen friendships as well as share the waves together and praise when someone makes a perfect surfing phase.

3 most beautiful islands in the world you should visit once in your life

Island devotees will not miss the opportunity to immerse themselves in the clear blue water or stroll on the white sands of the romantic beaches this summer.

Experience the splendid beauty of the most beautiful islands in the world voted by US News and choose yourself a destination for the upcoming trip.

1. The island of Santorini, Greece

Endowed with nature’s soft beauty and the finesse of human hands, visitors to Santorini island, Greece will have the feeling of stepping into a mythical and interesting world. Located in the Cyclades island cluster on the Greek Aegean Sea, Santorini is known as the island of angels and the most beautiful sunset view in the world.


Famous for its steep cliffs, embracing the black sandy beach characterized by volcanic dust, along with the unique architecture of two colors white and blue, Santorini appears extremely charming. If you like exploring, you can rent a boat to go inside the largest volcano in the world.

 2. Bora Bora island, France

 Like a jewel in the middle of the vast blue sea, Bora-Bora Island, France is like a paradise for couples, the clear blue water, the fresh air filled with the sea scent will make your trip more warm.

Part of the French Society Islands, Bora Bora Island is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world. More specifically, the center of Bora Bora is an extinct volcano, surrounded by the lagoon and a reef barrier.


Coming to Bora Bora, you will be immersed in the clear blue water, snorkeling, cycling on the beach or watching the sweet pink sunset. Tourists can also participate in games on the sea, games on the ocean floor such as swimming, diving, windsurfing … You will never be disappointed if you choose this place as one of the destination in the journey. your travels.

3. The islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis

Located in the Leeward Islands (West Indies), Saint Kitts and Nevis is a peaceful island. Covering the island are lush green hills, surrounded by vast sugarcane plantations. You will also find numerous colonial residences, small villages and seaside resorts.


Coming to Saint Kitts and Nevis, you will feel the vibrant colors of the tropical flower forests, the clear blue water of pristine beaches, seem to stand still for you to fully enjoy the unique scenery. This thought. Covering the island, built before lush green hills formed and surrounded by vast sugarcane plantations, you’ll find plenty of colonial-era housing estates, small villages, and seaside resorts.

Skateboarding sports for those who love adventure

When arrive at the big wave to roll ashore, the player will stand up and use the skills to control the board to surf on the wave.

Surfing is one of the forms of sports that does not use any assistive equipment other than surfboard. On a board about 2 meters long, players stretched out towards the sea and paddle with their own hands.

Be considered as a technical sport, surfers are mostly professional athletes. Here the waves are not too big but enough for you to try the feeling of riding on the silver waves.

Paddle boarding

Compared to normal surfing, surfing with paddles is the sport which is very simple and easier to play. After only a few hours of practice, a new player can master the paddle board. Thanks to paddles, participants can travel longer distances and play on many different water surfaces such as bays and calm lakes, even crossing waterfalls.


Paddle surfing, considered the origin of modern surfing, is now back with a new look. Although quite similar to inflatable boats and kayaks, or rowing boats, surfboards have lighter paddles and are also more expensive. Therefore, although quite popular in the world but in some countries, paddle board rental service is almost not available. If you are a passionate and conditional, you have to spend from 200 – 400 USD to own a paddle surfboard.


With this sport, players use boards with sail attached to the force of the wind to surf the surface. The player have to spend time on practicing to be able to master the sail. When not used to catching up and catching up with the waves and the wind, it is common to fall into the sea, hit the head of the mast, and the aching person who suffers from the whip of the water will be normal.


When mastering the skills and combining the body’s movements, to sail on the wavefront, players will be very fascinated when they want to conquer one challenge after another. Windsurfing players range from professional, semi-professional to amateur. It depends on the waves and wind.

Skateboarding with towing canoes


Compared to other windsurfing, skateboarding is the easiest game to play. No thanks to waves, wind, boards skimming by drag of canoes. However, players still need to take a basic course to balance the water. After fastening your life jacket, your legs are placed in a straight line on a long board, clinging to the canoe’s zipper, controlling the surfboard in a zig zag pattern, you will leave a huge white wall of water behind you.

5 best sports to play on the beach

Summer has finally arrived and it’s time for the beach! Instead of just lying on the sun, why not draw a ball and play a game while you’re out on the sand?

Here are some amazing sports that you can play on the beach for this summer season.

Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball

Perhaps everyone who loves beach sports, volleyball is a great way to exercise without getting too hot under the hot sun. It is easy to install and even easier to play. The best part is that you don even have to have a team; Many beachgoers will be happy to participate as long as you have a ball.

Ultimate plastic plate

Throwing a plastic fork around on the sand is a real pastime on the beach that has been tried and true, but why not raise a little knowledge and incorporate an ultimate slot-freak game? With a group of 8 or more people, you can set a belt and a few target lines and put your disc throwing skills into the test. If you really feel competitive, you can even move this into the water.



Here in the US, we often only consider this game as a paddle ball. It has a simple game to play, just two people and very happy for twenty minutes. It is probably the closest thing you can find for a tennis version or Ping-Pong on the beach, so if that makes you play more than football, you should probably try. Just try to keep the ball out of the water or you can never get it back.

Beach soccer

Like regular football, beach football is extremely pleasant because it doesn’t hurt to the extent that it is dealt with on the sand like on the ground. Of course, if you’re afraid of a bit of pain, you can always play the flag version. Put a few teams together, set up your opposing goals and you’ve got yourself a game. You may have to give up the goal in this version, but no one likes it anyway.

Sand football

Sand football

Playing football on the sand is more difficult and interesting than playing on a traditional field. The ball tends to fly in crazy directions, get stuck in a sand dune or fall into the water after a bad kick (bonus points if you can get it out without using your hands!). It is also much easier to twist your ankles on the beach, so you should play more cautiously!

Exploding with adventurous sports while traveling to the summer beach

What could be as beautiful as the sea in the summer, clear, green and cool. Summer travel is to return to the sea. Sea tourism must definitely participate in sports associated with the sea.

These extreme games will make your tour explode and joy is no longer limited. Let’s start traveling to the sea and fling!


Every time you go to the sea, you can watch the colors even though flying, paragliding between the blue sea. You feel extremely excited and admire those who hang themselves high above.

Flying, paragliding is one of the most exciting and adventurous sports that will help you explode the most energy when traveling in the summer. Before starting to play, you will be very careful with the protection belts, life jackets, and skills instruction. After that, the canoe will pull you up to about 70-100m and start flying.

Chơi dù lượn cano kéo sẽ cho bạn những giây phút thích thú khi ở giữa biển trời

Hey, imagine, you will float in the sky, below is the vast sea. You will be flying with the wind, with the bird. Of course you will not be able to avoid the initial minutes of nervousness, fear so much that your heart beats and trembles, but then it is also extremely eager to watch the immense scenery from above on a sea trip.


Surfing is really a challenge for guests with sea tours. This sport is only suitable for adventurous travelers and wants to find thrills in their sea travel.

Surfing will give you the feeling of riding on high waves, making the ocean owners extremely excited and immensely delighted. Conquering waves, conquering your limits will give you a very meaningful summer trip.

Lướt ván là bộ môn dành cho những người ưa mạo hiểm

To be able to play this sport, you will spend a long time practicing with the boards, learning surfing techniques. If you are not mature, you will fall down into the sea is normal. Moreover this game is also quite expensive, the rental price of the board is not cheap, about 10USD/hour. So, in your Vietnam trip, if you’re really passionate, don’t hesitate to hire a game board to practice and start the tour on the wave.


Diving is a difficult and extremely easy subject. Even if you can’t swim, you can still go on a diving tour with professional divers. When diving, you will be equipped with diving suits, diving clothes, glasses, snorkel, oxygen tank. Before starting to officially explore the ocean, you will learn simple movements and symbols in the water to be able to communicate with each other.

Trước khi lặn, bạn sẽ có thời gian làm quen với đồ lặn và học các ký hiệu dưới nước

After everything is ready, you start your trip to explore the seabed. You will be spoiled for watching the aquarium world right around you with beautiful coral reefs, swimming with colorful fishes at a depth of about 6-8m of water. If you have a diving certificate, you can dive down to a depth of 10-18m into the deep-sea lobster and eel sightings.

5 beautiful tropical islands suitable for those who like sports

A vacation on tropical island seems to be the most luxurious thing you can only dream of, but the Queensland island islands will make your wish easier to implement at a cost of not high and still enjoy the taste of luxury life.

After a lot of hard working days, you need to give yourself a relaxing time, a private rest on the white sand beach, but worry about the expensive cost, the islands of Queensland (Australia) will help you to make show travel easier.

Daydream Island

The name says it all – Daydream Island is an island popular with many tourists, with great relaxation space all day and night. Many activities take place like: running fitness around a forest, going swimming, playing giant chess, mini golf and an outdoor cinema. All will give you the feeling of enjoying the most comfortable and happy moments of your life. While the kids are joking around, adults can walk through the rainforests before stopping at Lake Lagoon.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Daydream Island

With so many secluded hiding places and beaches that are almost untouched, Daydream island is also a perfect place for couples who want to find a little more romance for their holiday; Or you can walk hand in hand by the beach; find a private spot at Lovers Cove; Sit back and enjoy the sunshine at the Pool Bar.

Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island is famous here with lots of sand to relax, or to create opportunities for visitors to make sea games. You’ll take a 20-minute ferry ride to see the beautiful Townsville (Northern Queensland) city.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Magnetic Island

The island boasts 23 bays and stretching beaches plus walking trails that will boost your discovery. It also offers interesting water activities such as skateboarding, sea fishing and fishing.

Hamilton Island

Surrounded by tropical regions and sunshine, with many activities to do and choose, you seem to be mastering the world, this is the easiest reason to answer why you choose this place – one of Australia’s most popular holiday spots.

Relax by the pool with a cocktail or wander out to the beautiful and pristine Whitehaven beach; go see everything around Hamilton Island Yacht Club; or play a round at the golf course and study the only course at Hamilton Island Golf Course.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Hamilton Island

You will drop your kids at the mini golf course; play a game at the Bowling center; Drop them at the Clownfish Club for you to have a private time to help you relax.






Exploring the tropical paradise Honolulu in Hawaii

When talking about Hawaii, it used to be the image of Japanese fighters spread out wingspan, gliding through the sky in an old black and white color of documentary films about Pearl Harbor battle.

Today, sweet Ukulele (a typical four-string guitar of Hawaii) and vibrant Hula dance has become a dream for many tourists who wish to come to Hawaii, a dream that seems impossible because geographical distance and cultural barriers.

The first impression of Honolulu is the extremely fresh air and an indescribably peaceful feeling even though it is surrounded by tourists coming from everywhere. To Honolulu, visitors can not ignore Waikiki beach famous for fine white sand beaches, stretching headlines, blue sea and full of sunshine. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to meet familiar faces in the US entertainment industry and the world is walking on the streets along the beach or lying down and sunbathing under the bright and vibrant sunshine of Waikiki, because Hawaii in general and Honolulu in particular is always the best vacation destination for anyone.

The popular tourist destinations in Honolulu that tourists often visit for the first time to explore this beautiful island is the Iolani palace built in 1879 – the residence of the King of Hawaii, King Kamehameha monument. – the last reigning king of Hawaii.

Hawaii is also famous for its volcanoes. The most famous volcano in Honolulu is Diamond Head, which is an extinct volcano, which is now a favorite tourist attraction. The reason it was named was because in the 19th century, British sailors mistakenly thought that the crystals in the stone were diamonds. Visitors can walk up to the top of the mountain’s mouth. Here, Captain Cook stopped and watched the Waikiki sea – one of the most beautiful seas in the world. If you have time and love the volcano, you can book a short flight from Honolulu to Big Island (the largest island in Hawaii), also known as Volcanic Island, where the national volcanic park is located.

If you want to learn about the culture and history of Hawaii, nowhere better than the Polynesian cultural center north of Oahu. This is considered a poetic place and attracts the most tourists on Oahu. Here, the Polynesian life, customs and activities are faithfully reproduced through music, art, clothing, festival festivals, boating, hunting until the habitats of ethnic groups in Hawaii.

Moreover, visitors can learn a lot about Hawaii’s history and Polynesian culture, typically as their settlement on the Hawaiian Islands is considered one of the most dangerous transgressions of humankind by means of unchallenged boats through vast, turbulent oceans. On the journey, some people stopped and settled on small islands.

The rest continued on the road with the hope of finding a new land. Due to this practice, the Polynesians are also called the Islanders. Heaven did not please people, they finally found a place to stop that today is called “Tropical Paradise”. So don’t miss the opportunity to discover the beauty of this place.