4 Ideal Tropical Islands For Summer

The blue beaches, the white sand shore and the fresh air of the tropical islands are always fascinating tourists every summer occasion of shifang.

1. Langkawi, Malaysia

The beautiful island of Langkawi is located in Northern Malaysia and Thailand border, consisting of 99 small islands. Thanks to the strict conservation, forest on the island stillborn with countless species of rare animals.


Few recent years, the resort the caliber of racing each other grow up like mushrooms. This has turned Langkawi into the most tourist attractions of Malaysia. Coming to the island, visitors will enjoy the rich services from bathing, excursions on canoeing until the spa and even shopping.

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In addition, the upscale restaurant in Langkawi are also always ready to serve the local specialties. Beautiful scenery, good service, good food, Langkawi is a place worth pondering for a summer trip.

2. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is known as the pride of Indonesia. With blue beaches, this tropical island has always attracted numerous tourists visit, especially in the summer. Come to Bali, you can take hours to enjoy the fresh, cool air or experience the extremely attractive sports such as surfing and skydiving.


Like Langkawi, the hotel and resort appears everywhere in Bali. Depending on the needs that you can choose yourself a proper stop.


3. Phuket, Thailand


Phuket is the largest island in Thailand, lies on the Indian Ocean coast and the capital Bangkok over 800km to the South. This destination attracts international tourists by the beach along a myriad of other exciting recreational activities.


Coming to Phuket, beyond the moment of relax by the seaside lounge, visitors can join Phil Phil Island tour Phang Nga Bay (James Bond Island). To get there, visitors will have the opportunity to see firsthand the coral reefs as well as the colorful enough.

4. Con Đao, Vietnam

con dao sea

Was voted to be one of the most mysterious island of the world, Con Dao in Vietnam is increasingly attracting numerous tourists. Con Dao Island is far away from Ho Chi Minh City for an hour flight, has an area of 52km2, consists of 16 small and large islands.

con dao3

This location is famous for the beach in stretches. In particular, the system of sea creatures in this is extremely rich with thousands of species of marine fish and colorful coral reefs. Because of this feature, Con Dao obviously becomes the ideal destination for guests who love nature and like scuba diving.













3 Beautiful Tropical Islands In Thailand

The elsewhere white-sand, the blue water in the pleasant weather for diving,… in the gorgeous tropical island in Thailand such as Koh Samui, Koh Lipe, Koh Phi Phi are enough interesting for any tourists in the first time coming to Thailand.

  1. Koh Tao Island

Koh Tao is honored as island of the year by Trip Advisor. This island is for those who love scuba diving because of the frequent occurrence of giant whale shark species. This is one of those rare points when lucky saw the giant fish but very close gently. There are 35 diving places and 60 diving school. The cost in Koh Tao is not expensive for the beginner.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

In Koh Tao is still so many things to discover: the hike has many different difficulty levels, forest, mountains, ice frequently to see how splendid the island universal, rock climbing adventure, the BBQ party on the shore… All will be memorable memories if you come here. Especially with island travel services package of AirAsia, visitors will be welcomed from the airport to the island easily.

  1. Koh Lipe Island

Koh Lipe has just to be explored from the years 1990. So it still retains much of the wild strokes of a new island with fresh air and crystal-clear blue water. From Koh Lipe, you can paddle the kayak toward the Adang in the Tarutao area, where there are thousands of thick and interminable forests, with many waterfalls and quiet coast, as a true paradise with tourists love nature.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Koh Lipe Island

You need a reservation if going into the peak season from December to February every year, especially around Christmas or New Year holiday. March, April and November are low season, little tourists and the weather is still very nice. From May to October is the rainy season in Thailand, but you can get 50% discount to resort in Ko Lipe.

  1. Koh Samui Island

Tourism has developed in Ko Samui from the year 1970s, when the first foreign tourists marvel at the white sandy shore, the blue waters, tropical forests and yellow sun all day long. In Koh Samui, you can find everything, from sumptuous 5-star vacation resort to coast bungalow to greet the dawn, making Koh Samui became enjoyable for a holiday with the family.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Koh Samui Island

As an unwritten law to protect the tranquil coastline, the tallest buildings are also not allowed higher palm trees nearby, to not cover vision of visitors. This coast also saw the most romantic moments in the couple’s wedding day.

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You can easily plan a self-sufficiency trip with family to Koh Samui. Everyday, you can take the cheap flight with the service to transit to the island from Don Muang airport to visit this ideal paradise vacation.

Bali – The Paradise Tourism Destination

Bali is a destination full of interesting, if you have once set foot in the land Bali almost you will not want to leave.

Whether you are at any age, while traveling to Bali you will be visiting the beautiful destinations to enjoy fascinating and attractive cuisine, shop for meaningful souvenirs.

This place has a beautiful natural scenery, many virtual living space, and between the immense blue of mountains and forest such as Pondok Sebatu Villa, Four Points by Sheraton, Seminyak Icon by Karaniya Experience. Here are all the names quite hit and famous in Bali island.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho bali beautiful

Hotels in Bali with the preferential prices, the enthusiasm attentive service from Balinese people who always smile to greet customers. Viewing from the villa, in front of is the pool, far way in the distance is the terraced fields innumerable between the green space. That gives visitors a feeling of complete comfort.

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In addition, you should try a strong feeling when taking part in the summer game called Bali Swing. The myth swing that anyone coming to Ubud also expects to a beautiful glitter photo here. Fare play about 20 USD per a player, this level is quite expensive but very worth. The feeling when plunge into the nature is truly unforgettable. Besides, there is the giant bird’s nest so you can snap photos for virtual living that is specific characteristics in Bali.

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Tourists often go to bath water Tirta Empul Temple. The temple was built in 10th century, is one of the most sacred temples in Bali, surrounded by a stream that flow all year round. Water from the stream flows through a bubbling holy water sediment pond and from there flows into the two large rectangular pool through the fountain carved picky.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

If want to immerse in natural waters, visitors can rent a deposit cabinets and rent an other sarong to down the pool. Sarong borrowed from external port is not wore to down in the water. Balinese people believe that bathing in this temple will help wash, purify themselves, bring health and luck. For tourists, there will be a pleasant experience about the characteristic traditional culture of the people of Indonesia.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho bali beautiful

When going to Uluwatu, you will feel the peace nestled within the majestic natural scenery. Carved from black coral rock, the temple located on the tip of 76 meters high cliff, overlooking the Java Sea. Uluwatu was built from the 10th century and is one of the most ancient temples of Bali. Photographing here is very beautiful with blue sea, white waves, equivocal ancient temple on a cliff in the distance.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Uluwatu

With all of above, Bali is deserved to be a paradise tourism destination.

Bali tourism eyes 8 million foreign visitors in 2019

In 2019, Bali targets to attract 40% of Indonesia’s total foreign tourist arrival, estimates nearly 8 million. However, Bali needs central support from government to reach this ambitious goal.

Bali tourism eyes 8 million foreign visitors in 2019
According to official figure, during the period from January to July 2018, there were more than 3,5 million foreign tourists come to Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali, 7,32% more than same period in 2017. The most tourists in Bali was come from China, Australia and India.
Bali is a tropical island in Indonesia, and famous for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beautiful beaches and coral reefs. Apart from religious sites such as Cliffside Uluwatu Temple, people choose Bali to enjoy yoga and meditation retreats. The trip to this island can be fully filled with culture, nature, art and the spiritual.
In April, a report in Gapura Bali said that the remarkable inequality of development and distribution of funds and investments is one of most pressing issues in Bali. An official from Bali Tourism Office emphasized this again when recently told Nusa Bali that when we talked about how to access to southern Bali and northern Bali, but the development of access to west and east Bali is equally important. This focus on the south made large parts of Bali still untouched.
He said that these expectation of more equal infrastructural improvements had already been submitted to the Presidential Advisory Council sometimes ago when they had a trip to Bali to assess the need.
He believed that improvement of infrastructure in this area is one of the things that government should pay focus and give orientation.
In fact, the current infrastructural state in Bali – far from expectation – proved this, and if the authorities do not take action seriously, goals for tourism arrival will surely negatively impacted.
It is said that 8 million foreign visitors is the minimum target and Bali needs to improve to get more. One of suggested method to address this is by promotional visits to a number of countries including Russia, India, Hungary, Spain and Austria.

Recommended Activities at Coochiemudlo Island

Since Coochiemudlo island is perfectly situated in the Redland shine, it’s well worth knowing about the activities and opportunities available. There’s actually a lot to do around the area, giving you the perfect getaway opportunity with the family, as a couple or just for a chance at some peace.

The island is a total of 5 square kilometres and offers excellent beaches with beautiful sights for all to enjoy. It has become more popular over the last few years, but still provides more than enough space and relaxation opportunities we can all take advantage of. Here are some of the most popular activities to enjoy at Coochiemudlo island.

What you Need

If you’re planning a trip to the Island, you might need to know about a few things that are optional. If you’re planning to cover the entire island, it’s worth getting a bike or resting one on the island. You also have the option of paying $55 and taking your car over, but since the island isn’t very big, it’s waste most of the time. There are multiple accommodation options available online, offering great rates for waterfront places with amazing views. Walking is another great option, especially when you do a tour with a group that knows where all the hot spots are.

Walking Tours

There are multiple tours to choose from, each offering a great adventure for the day ahead. These begin with a ferry ride to the island, but if you’re already there and enjoying some accommodation, you can simply join in as the fairy arrives. As some tours suggest, it’s possible to walk the entire island in just half a day, but some of you might desire a slower walk that allows you to take in a lot more. Most tours include a walk to the well-known red rock along with other interesting activities such as golf, having a swim or simply enjoying the beautiful nature around you.

Rowing, Swimming and Cycling

You can just about have your own triathlon on the island as it’s possible to rent all the gear you need to take part in just about any activity you desire. If you don’t fancy forming part of a tour, simply take the ferry over to the island, which only costs around $5 each. Upon arrival, you can get going in your own direction or just head over to the activities section to find out about possible rentals.

Renting a bike is an excellent idea as you can cover a trip around the entire island within just a few hours of a chilled ride that doesn’t require much effort and allows you to stop and enjoy the beauty.

They also offer kayak rentals, which has proven to be a popular choice for just about everyone, especially on clear days with crystal clear waters and ocean as far as the eye can see. There are multiple options, including single and double kayaks.

If you’d rather in the water and cool down, be sure to take some snorkelling gear along and discover the beauty at the bottom of the ocean around the island. Most of the swimming areas have calm water, making it perfect for a snorkel.

Things To Do In Coochiemudlo Island With the Family

Leave your troubles at the airport terminal and look forward to a 10-minute ferry ride that leaves from Victoria Point to the gorgeous Coochiemudlo Island which is only 35km away from Brisbane and one of the most beautiful islands of Moreton Bay. Coochiemudlo, or more commonly known as Kutchi-mudlo, basically translates to place of red stone.

Things to do with the family on Coochiemudlo Island

Measuring in at 5 square kilometres, Coochie is the perfect choice for a lovely day trip with the entire family. The magnificent island impresses with 4 kilometres of safe, clean beaches and the water is mostly calm and flat which is perfect for kids of all ages to enjoy fishing, kayaking, and SUPing. You will also be pleased to know that dogs are more than welcome on Coochie island where you will even find an off-leash area located on the main beach for them to run around freely.

With a small population of just over 700 people, there’s very little traffic and nearly no noise pollution. Coochie island is extremely easy to navigate, and you can easily walk around the entire island in just under 2 hours at a very relaxed pace. Alternatively, you can spend the day exploring the natural habitats of the bushland, wetlands, mangroves, and the numerous beaches surrounding the island. The children can safely explore the rocks for critters and crabs while you enjoy the hypnotic views from Stradbroke Island. Ensure you keep your eyes open for dolphins, dugongs, turtles, bush curlews, and sea eagles along with whales when you visit at the right time.

If you don’t feel like going into the water, the boat and bike hire in Coochie is situated directly on the main beach. You can hire a host of different equipment, including cruiser bikes, aqua bikes, pedal boats, kayaks, fishing tinnies, paddle board, and BBQ boats. If you are interested in doing something completely different and fun, make your way to Hayley’s Quirky Train Fam. The children will fall in love with this playful and colourful space, allowing them to explore while feeding the guinea pigs, ducks, and chicks as well as have the opportunity to meet Marshmallow the sheep and Lollipop the donkey.

Food Options for the family on Coochiemudlo Island

There are several fantastic picnic spots that are well-shaded thanks to the bushland fringes that the beach provides. There are loads of facilities on the island along with dedicated BBQ areas and public toilets for added convenience. There’s no reason you can’t self-cater to make your holiday experience an affordable one.

Should you not be in the mood to do the cooking yourself, you’ll be pleased to know that there are three options available and all of them are located on the main beach. The kiosk on Coochiemudlo Island offers everything from pizza to breakfast. You can also visit the Red Rock Café for some delicious meals as well as the Beachside Rental Resort which offers a fully licensed restaurant.