Fishing on an ice lake – a native Russian experience

Russian tourism is famous for its magnificent architecture such as Winter Palace, Red Square. But few people know that there is an activity bearing indigenous culture that has become the lifestyle of the Russian people is fishing on an ice lake in the freezing cold weather.

Russian favorite entertainment in winter

With a large area spanning two continents and polar terrain, Russia is famous for its majestic natural landscapes and characteristic tropical climate. Winter in Russia usually lasts from December to April, making many life activities of people associated with ice and snow. When the temperature drops, the rivers big and small and the lakes gradually freeze and become beautiful glacial lakes for residents to enjoy many interesting activities such as camping, cycling, skateboarding, and surfing. rickshaw planks and especially relaxing fishing.

Câu cá trên hồ băng – trải nghiệm đậm chất bản địa tại Nga - 1

The famous glacial lakes for fishing in Russia can be mentioned as Lake Tavatuy, Tsna River and the most popular is probably Lake Baikal, located in southern Siberia, in the Russian territory. This is the oldest and deepest freshwater lake in the world, formed about 20-25 million years and some places up to 1.6 km deep.

Fishing at Baikal glacial lake is compared to an amazing experience in paradise on earth because the winter scene at Lake Baikal is extremely overwhelming and impressive. Waiting time for fish is a moment of harmony with nature, chatting with a few friends without much thought or worry about life. Fishing on an ice lake has become a unique culture engraved in the spirit and heart of the Russians.

Câu cá trên hồ băng – trải nghiệm đậm chất bản địa tại Nga - 2

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