Get paid salary to travel for free

Being paid hundreds of millions every month to travel around the world is a job that was only dreamed of, but completely real in real life.

Free travel around the world and also paid monthly salary of hundreds of millions each month. This seems to happen only in dreams, but it is purely true work. Is it really lucky that the person who receives this job is too lucky?

Ben Southall, 43, takes care of coral reefs in Great Barrier, Australia

In 2009, Ben defeated 34,000 candidates to become a caregiver for the Great Barrier Reef Islands. With this job, he was offered free travel in Australia for 6 months and received a salary of $100,000. With this special job, he had the opportunity to dive with humpback whales, documentary film collaborations for National Geographic.

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“There used to be a lot of difficulties, but I forced myself to try to accomplish”. This means that Ben has to spend a lot of time in the day dealing with things. Ben is also very sensitive when taking advantage of this golden opportunity to open a private company that offers adventure tour packages for travelers.

Hugo, 25, who sells books at the Maldives’ Soneva Fushi resort

The 25-year-old from Wiltshire admitted himself very lucky to defeat thousands of candidates for the position of a book seller at the luxury resort Soneva Fushi in the Maldives.

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His daily work seemed to be very romantic when he focused on writing, reading and selling books in the island paradise. “I read, ponder the wonderful books, go scuba diving during lunch break and meet travelers from all over the world,” Hugo said. Although he thought this was “a great job”, Hugo was upset that he had to live away from his family. He thinks he won’t be there for life.

Jeffyne Telson, 63, takes care of cats on the island in Greece

Jeffyne, from California, was chosen to live on Syros Island, Greece, within 6 months, with the task of taking care of abandoned cats. “I went to Greek islands many times and always wanted to come back here to help the cats. Therefore, when I applied, I was nervous when I had to pass 35,000 candidates. I was really surprised. when the opportunity came true”, Jeffyne said.

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However, Jeffyne could not continue his dream job for personal reasons. “I want to help all animals. There are 13,000 stray cats in Syros that I can help with. However, this job forces me to be away from my husband and this is not simple.” In the end, Jeffyne decided to end the job in late February to return to his family.