Italy – an interesting destination, enchanting travelers

Italy owns charming scenery with excellent architectural works. This is a check-in point in Europe that travelers are expected to check-in in the future.

Special geography of Italy

Located in southern Europe, the Republic of Italy covers an area of ​​over 301,000 km2, all 3 sides bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The territorial shape is reminiscent of a boot, especially the toes and heels. Therefore, Italy was also dubbed the “boot-shaped country”. The country of Southern Europe is also known as Bel Paese, or Belpaese, meaning beautiful country, derived from classical medieval poetry. Bel Paese as a compliment for the country with the majestic natural landscape, many unique cultural heritage. Italy territory is divided into 20 regions including Toscano, Veneto, Lazio … Interestingly, the boot-shaped country surrounds the two smallest countries in the world. It is San Marino located in Northern Italy and the Vatican – a country in the heart of the city of Rome.

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The country of poetic and romantic things

Italy is a European country with a colorful and different culture. This place is the land of love, the cradle of art with many fields such as painting, architecture, music or cuisine. Coming to Italy, it is difficult for the legs to go before the dream, romantic but a glimpse of Venice in the rainy day. Eating the authentic pizza on the side of the road or enjoying a plate of spaghetti at a restaurant next to the Grand Canal are all great experiences for visitors.

It is also the great Rome, where every broken rock in the rubble contains the soul of more than 3,000 years of historical civilization. Stop here, we think as lost in the era of the ancient Roman kingdom. It is the history, culture, art that made Italy a magnet for tourists from all over the world.