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You are welcome to link us as well as recommend other related sites. If any of the links provided below are dead or have changed URL please let us know.

Environmental Information
Australia has to take care of its coastal environment. The Australian Environment On-Line home page, put together by government and other organisations, includes: Integrated Local Area Management for Australia’s Coastal Zone by Valerie A. Brown. Quote: “We in Australia are in the process of loving our beaches to death. If there is not significant change in the way we manage the coastline and its supporting resources, the famed attractions of white beaches and sparkling blue sea will no longer be within our reach.” There is much more marine and coasts information from theAustralian Environment On-Line Coasts section.Greenpeace Australia – Hotzone, Campaigns, Involvement, Offices, GreenGoods, Perspectives, Archives, Chat.

Australian Conservation Foundation – Find out about the activities and priorities of Australia’s largest non-government environmental organisation.

Guides to Australia and Queensland
Russell Island One of our neighbouring islands in Moreton Bay.Guide to Australia – Links to all available online resources about Australia.

Australian Tourist Commission

Tourist Queensland – A compilation of links to other areas in Queensland.

Strine Decoded An aid for foreign travellers in Australia who thought they could speak english, as suggested by Bettina.

Links to Brisbane
Lonely Planet Destination: Brisbane – Useful info for travellers to the capitol of Australia’s sunshine state city, events, activities, attractions and photos.

Redland Shire Council official site – Much and varied information about Redland Shire

Brisbane Weather Forecast – from Yahoo!

Gold Coast Weather Forecast – from Yahoo!