Recommended Activities at Coochiemudlo Island

Since Coochiemudlo island is perfectly situated in the Redland shine, it’s well worth knowing about the activities and opportunities available. There’s actually a lot to do around the area, giving you the perfect getaway opportunity with the family, as a couple or just for a chance at some peace.

The island is a total of 5 square kilometres and offers excellent beaches with beautiful sights for all to enjoy. It has become more popular over the last few years, but still provides more than enough space and relaxation opportunities we can all take advantage of. Here are some of the most popular activities to enjoy at Coochiemudlo island.

What you Need

If you’re planning a trip to the Island, you might need to know about a few things that are optional. If you’re planning to cover the entire island, it’s worth getting a bike or resting one on the island. You also have the option of paying $55 and taking your car over, but since the island isn’t very big, it’s waste most of the time. There are multiple accommodation options available online, offering great rates for waterfront places with amazing views. Walking is another great option, especially when you do a tour with a group that knows where all the hot spots are.

Walking Tours

There are multiple tours to choose from, each offering a great adventure for the day ahead. These begin with a ferry ride to the island, but if you’re already there and enjoying some accommodation, you can simply join in as the fairy arrives. As some tours suggest, it’s possible to walk the entire island in just half a day, but some of you might desire a slower walk that allows you to take in a lot more. Most tours include a walk to the well-known red rock along with other interesting activities such as golf, having a swim or simply enjoying the beautiful nature around you.

Rowing, Swimming and Cycling

You can just about have your own triathlon on the island as it’s possible to rent all the gear you need to take part in just about any activity you desire. If you don’t fancy forming part of a tour, simply take the ferry over to the island, which only costs around $5 each. Upon arrival, you can get going in your own direction or just head over to the activities section to find out about possible rentals.

Renting a bike is an excellent idea as you can cover a trip around the entire island within just a few hours of a chilled ride that doesn’t require much effort and allows you to stop and enjoy the beauty.

They also offer kayak rentals, which has proven to be a popular choice for just about everyone, especially on clear days with crystal clear waters and ocean as far as the eye can see. There are multiple options, including single and double kayaks.

If you’d rather in the water and cool down, be sure to take some snorkelling gear along and discover the beauty at the bottom of the ocean around the island. Most of the swimming areas have calm water, making it perfect for a snorkel.