Situation of developing island tourism in the world

Currently, in the world, besides exploiting the potential advantages of the sea and islands in order to bring economic efficiency to each country, but also attaching great importance to developing sea and island tourism in order to fully exploit resources nature bestows and diversifies forms of tourism to satisfy the diverse needs of travelers.

1 In the world, there are a number of developing countries on island tourism such as Spain, famous for Tenerife, USA, Hawaii, India with Maldives, Thailand, famous for Phuket, Australia and beaches. Bondi beach, USA is famous for Las Minitas sea …, these island beaches are famous in the world and have a strong attraction thanks to island tourism.

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In Spain, there is currently a strong development of island tourism, with the famous island of Tenerife located on the Atlantic Ocean, about 200 km from the African coast each year attracting 5 million tourists visiting the island, making it one of the largest vacation destinations in the world. Tenerife is known as “Island of Eternal Spring” because of its pleasant year-round temperatures, between 22 and 28 degrees Celsius. The area of ​​the island is 2,034 km2 with about 1 million inhabitants. It has 2 airports to welcome guests, 2 parks, 10 nature reserves, 14 monuments, 9 protected landscapes. Therefore, with the available potential, the island is developing very strong tourism

In Thailand, there is also a strong development of sea tourism, although there is very little tourism potential, but due to knowing how to develop tourism, Thailand is in the development of sea tourism, with Phuket Island. is one of the most developed destinations in Thailand. Thailand develops Phuket beach in a certain way, comfortable and environmentally friendly. Phuket has nature reserves with dozens of peaceful beaches and, surfing spots and seafood restaurants right on the sand, with a large number of romantic resorts, with full luxury hotels. facilities and services …, so Thailand attracts a large number of tourists with tourism revenue ranked second in Southeast Asia after Singapore.

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In the UK, famous for the Providenciales Island, the world’s leading beach resort, was voted the top beach resort in the world, according to the travel website TripAdvisor. Because of the brand of sea tourism, Providenciales Island attracts many tourists as well as international visitors here, with luxurious resorts with full services suitable for all types of guests. Providenciales Island in the UK will be a thriving tourist resort on island tourism.

In short, in most countries with the potential for sea and island tourism at present, investing in tourism development to bring about economic and social benefits.