Top 5 sports on the beach dedicated to your travels

Summer has arrived. The sweltering, hot atmosphere invaded the urban space which was suffocating because of the crowded land. If only in this weather, you could walk and walk on the long sandy road by the blue beach, playing fun games with your best friends.

Do you still hesitate to not start your long trip? But first, let’s explore the fascinating beach sports, exclusively for your travels this summer!

1. Paragliding

When you follow the promotional clips of tourism, you will surely feel extremely excited with the scenery of the clear blue sky with dotted with parachutes and tall people above. The game looks cool, doesn’t it?

One of the most entertaining games that offers unlimited refreshing experiences, is the paragliding. In essence, this game has a simple structure, just a canoe that uses a certain type of rope to pull the paraglider in the air. The height that the umbrella can reach can reach hundreds of meters.

Certainly, you will have an interesting space, when above is the cool sky, below is the soft blue color of the far sea. There is nothing better, when the feeling of conquering nature, mixed with the utmost happiness, mixed with the feeling of relaxation when at a height of hundreds of meters.

2. Diving

One of the tourism activities is indispensable when you travel in the seas, it is diving. Normally, when diving, you will be given the diving service by the diving service provider to choose 1 of 2 different costly diving equipment: diving tube with swimming goggles and short snorkel; or deep water diving with specialized oxygen breathing apparatus. Often the second diving method will be more expensive, but you will definitely be dive deeper and experience more undersea activities.

3. Kayaks


Want to discover the natural wonders with your best friend? Or freely look at the islands, the surrounding space with a healthy sport activity. Just combine travel and relaxation, and do some sports movements, nothing more interesting. This is really an attractive activity for visitors. However, when participating in this experience, you should note to ensure safety for yourself with life buoys and prepare some basic movements when unfortunately falling into the water.

4. Water motorbike


Water motorbike is one of the new and exciting beach sports activities. With just a boat with a water engine, you can unleash your horizontal and vertical dash, run to the sea, and explore the sights around the cool water. To be able to control the water motorbike, you need to equip yourself with certain boat driving skills. You should consider carefully before registering to participate in entertainment activities for enthusiasts who love speed and adventure!

5. Flyboard

Fly-board is a relatively new beach sport activity. The principle of the sport is that the engine is mounted on the participant’s leg, combined with a skateboard with 2 thrusters. Flyboard appears in some major beach resorts

Flyboard players can hover through the air from 6 to 10 meters, creating a sense of excitement and no less adventurous. If you are a person who feels strong, and wants to keep beautiful moments from acrobatics.

Do you have any plans to have fun for you in the upcoming beach trip? If not, please refer to the information we just provided. Surely, you will have perfect fun moments with your relatives and family.

5 best sports to play on the beach

Summer has finally arrived and it’s time for the beach! Instead of just lying on the sun, why not draw a ball and play a game while you’re out on the sand?

Here are some amazing sports that you can play on the beach for this summer season.

Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball

Perhaps everyone who loves beach sports, volleyball is a great way to exercise without getting too hot under the hot sun. It is easy to install and even easier to play. The best part is that you don even have to have a team; Many beachgoers will be happy to participate as long as you have a ball.

Ultimate plastic plate

Throwing a plastic fork around on the sand is a real pastime on the beach that has been tried and true, but why not raise a little knowledge and incorporate an ultimate slot-freak game? With a group of 8 or more people, you can set a belt and a few target lines and put your disc throwing skills into the test. If you really feel competitive, you can even move this into the water.



Here in the US, we often only consider this game as a paddle ball. It has a simple game to play, just two people and very happy for twenty minutes. It is probably the closest thing you can find for a tennis version or Ping-Pong on the beach, so if that makes you play more than football, you should probably try. Just try to keep the ball out of the water or you can never get it back.

Beach soccer

Like regular football, beach football is extremely pleasant because it doesn’t hurt to the extent that it is dealt with on the sand like on the ground. Of course, if you’re afraid of a bit of pain, you can always play the flag version. Put a few teams together, set up your opposing goals and you’ve got yourself a game. You may have to give up the goal in this version, but no one likes it anyway.

Sand football

Sand football

Playing football on the sand is more difficult and interesting than playing on a traditional field. The ball tends to fly in crazy directions, get stuck in a sand dune or fall into the water after a bad kick (bonus points if you can get it out without using your hands!). It is also much easier to twist your ankles on the beach, so you should play more cautiously!