Beautiful tourist paradise for the Christmas season (Part 1)

Traveling to Europe in the Christmas season, you will be immersed in a beautiful white snowy space, enjoy the cold, winter-style atmosphere.

Christmas season in Bern (Switzerland) will have markets selling a variety of goods, from Christmas tree decorations to attractive traditional dishes, waiting for you.

Located in Eastern Europe, Transyvania (Romania) is the famous land of vampires. Winter here is extremely harsh because the temperature is very low. Most of the attractions such as the castle become magical under the white snow. Coming to Transyvania, you can visit the famous old Bran castle associated with the name of Count Dracula. You can also go to the beautiful small towns of Transylvania like Brasov and Sibiu, visit the large squares, roam the open-air Christmas markets, then enjoy a glass of apple wine.

Sarajevo is the capital and largest city of the country Bosnia & Herzegovina. The city is home to many religious communities, so it’s no wonder Christmas is an important holiday here. During the Christmas season, you can stay at hotels and motels that are fully equipped and polite but not too expensive. Everything here from culture to history, people or cuisine is worth checking out. If you like skiing, go to Mount Trebevic to try this adventure game.

All over Austria are beautiful shimmering in the Christmas season, especially Hallstatt. Located between the two cities of Salzburg and Graz, Hallstatt is one of the oldest towns in Europe recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site with fairytale beauty. Winter, when snow is covered on the roof, is also the best time to sip a cup of hot tea by the window next to the lake, in the quiet space and enjoy a peaceful Christmas night.

If you travel to Tromso (Norway) at Christmas, do not miss the city of Tromso because maybe you will see firsthand the beautiful auroras here. You can camp under warm yellow lights, wrap blankets by the fire, sip a few glasses of wine and wait for the moment the northern light dances against the sky. In addition to watching the auroras, you can also experience activities such as hiking, skiing, snowmobile driving pulled by husky dogs.