Jeju Island – Korean tourist paradise for you

The island is known as a romantic paradise, an indispensable destination for couples who have the opportunity to travel to Korea, which is Jeju.

It is famous for being considered one of the most attractive honeymoon destinations in Asia.

General information about Jeju

Traveling to Korea, the famous island of Jeju is famous as the island of peace. Coming here it seems everything is settled and relaxed. This place can be considered a paradise for honeymooners and young couples to date.

Jeju Island (also known as Jejudo) is the largest island in Korea and also the smallest province of the country of kimchi. Jeju tourism island Korea is formed from volcanic eruptions, so everywhere you look on the island, you will see rocks. The rocks on Jeju Island are black, porous, lightweight and absorbent. Rocks are scattered all over the road, especially around the special tangerine gardens of Jeju. Residents here also use stones to build houses, build gates and fences, use stones to build the boundary marker between this village and the other village. Jeju Island is an ideal resort for tourists around the world. .

Featured travel destinations in Jeju

Mount Halla is a mountain range formed from a crater on the sea. This is a famous mountain attracts jeju tourists by its beautiful beauty. With a height of over 1,900 meters, Mount Halla is called “the roof of Korea” one of the famous tourist destinations in Jeju million tourists each year. Visitors to the mountain also have the opportunity to admire the crater, which has now become the lake on the top of the mountain and admire the panoramic beauty below.


The mountain is located in Hallsan National Park and has been recognized as a UNESCO heritage thanks to its biodiversity. There are more than 1,800 species of plants and thousands of animals.

The beach in Jeju is the most popular Jeju tourists visiting this love island are Hyeopjae and Jungmun. The sea is deep blue, white sand with the shape of Mount Halla looming as the background. Both beaches have caves for travelers interested in exploring. At Jungmun Beach, you can also try underwater games such as surfing, scuba diving …

Teddy Bear Museum is the ideal Jeju Korean tourist destination for families with young children. Here, you can admire famous paintings or models with the protagonist as extremely luxurious teddy bears.


Jeju Loveland is a Jeju tourist destination not to be missed when visiting Jeju island. This is a love park that attracts tourists around the world, coming here you will admire the statues of couples in many poses love and burns eyes and humor. Jeju Loveland is one of the main amusement parks that bring reputation to the island.

With the general information about Jeju Korea tourism that we provide above, we hope you will have some basic knowledge before starting an interesting and interesting Jeju Korea trip.