5 beautiful beaches to catch the summer sun (Part 1)

Blue sea, white sand and golden sunshine are waiting for you and wonderful experiences at the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia.

Railay – Krabi (Thailand)

Railay is a small peninsula between the city of Krabi and Ao Nang in Thailand, located 783 km south of Bangkok, favored by travelers for its pristine beauty and tranquility. Railay is suitable for those who want to leave the hustle and bustle of the city, experience the feeling of being on a small island, immersing in nature.

Transportation: To get to Railay, you must take a boat from Ao Nang, Krabi or use the resort’s shuttle service.

Facilities: resorts, restaurants, bars, cash machines, mini supermarkets, massage services.

Fun activities: There are mangroves in East Railay, suitable for walking, following the walking trail to visit Diamond Cave and enjoying Thai food at a coastal restaurant, West Railay. to bathe and watch the sunset with the light reflected on the towering limestone cliffs. When coming to Railay, you should try mountain climbing once, with a guide to teach basic knowledge for first-time visitors. Not only enjoying the scenery from above, professional climbers also like to drop from the cliff to the cool water below.

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Ngapali (Myanmar)

Although only 7km long, Ngapali is considered the most beautiful beach of Myanmar. Located in the state of Rakhine and with smooth sandy beaches in the Bay of Bengal, come to Ngapali visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the lifestyle of indigenous people, immersed in the harmonious romantic scenery of the beach here.

Transportation: If traveling by plane from Yangon to Ngapali, it takes about 45 minutes; 14 hours traveling by car along the Rakhine Yoma mountain range.

Facilities: resorts, restaurants, bars, local markets …

Fun activities: Coming to Ngapali, tourists can leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city to take a leisurely stroll along the beach, play games like golf or surf, people who like quiet can fish or Hire boats to explore the surrounding small islands. Ngapali is not too modern, it still uses horse carriage to move visitors. In the afternoon, guests can visit Jate Taw fishing village to have the opportunity to explore the lifestyle of the people here. Besides enjoying local specialties at the resort’s restaurants, if you like casual cuisine you can visit the local market in Ngapali and buy souvenirs to take home.

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Beach sports help develop tourism in Thailand

For countries with long coastlines like Thailand, Philippines, Qatar…, playing sports on the beach is not only for fun but also for professionalism in sports development policies combined with tourism.

Unlike some countries, most of them only bring athletes to the beach to compete, at the Asian Beach Games 2016 (ABG5), Thailand and the Philippines have a large team of professional athletes specializing in competition on the coast.

Supitr Samahito – vice president of the Thai Olympic Committee – said beach sports is one of Thailand’s sport-focused forms of development, along with summer sports, winter sports, young sports, student sports, and indoor sports.


Samahito said: “The Thai Olympic Committee sets a sports development plan for every 5 years. The moment we started developing beach sports was when ABG held its first convention in Indonesia in 2008. At that time, Thailand determined that beach sports would later be a professional road and I want to build a team of separate athletes, separate from traditional sports”.

The Thai sports industry clearly determines that beach sports must be true sea subjects that are beautiful and have a distinct technique compared to sports in the home or on the grass. List of these sports includes volleyball, football, rattan, wooden ball, handball, surfing. Even with some subjects like Muay Thai, Thai athletes playing on the beach are also different from athletes competing at SEA Games.


Developed though not long but Thailand’s beach sports soon went up professionally. Samahito said that Thailand’s beach athletes are about 30% of the number of athletes competing in SEA Games and Olympic games. The reason for such a large amount of athletes is because some beach sports have been included in Thailand’s school sports program or in conjunction with other sports academies, such as wooden football. Thailand also has many professional beach sports tournaments, most notably the kabaddi, volleyball, handball, wooden ball and beach rattan games that are put into the national sports festival of Thailand (held every 2 years).


Similar to Thailand, the Philippines is very interested in beach sports and builds a professional athlete training system from school. Among the annual student sports tournaments of the Philippines, beach volleyball is a very popular subject. Nikka Carino, a Filipino volleyball team member who attended the 2016 ABG, said: “I came to the beach volleyball from school and am now about to graduate from a sports college in Manila to become a soccer coach. Professional beach transfer”.

3 Beautiful Tropical Islands In Thailand

The elsewhere white-sand, the blue water in the pleasant weather for diving,… in the gorgeous tropical island in Thailand such as Koh Samui, Koh Lipe, Koh Phi Phi are enough interesting for any tourists in the first time coming to Thailand.

  1. Koh Tao Island

Koh Tao is honored as island of the year by Trip Advisor. This island is for those who love scuba diving because of the frequent occurrence of giant whale shark species. This is one of those rare points when lucky saw the giant fish but very close gently. There are 35 diving places and 60 diving school. The cost in Koh Tao is not expensive for the beginner.

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In Koh Tao is still so many things to discover: the hike has many different difficulty levels, forest, mountains, ice frequently to see how splendid the island universal, rock climbing adventure, the BBQ party on the shore… All will be memorable memories if you come here. Especially with island travel services package of AirAsia, visitors will be welcomed from the airport to the island easily.

  1. Koh Lipe Island

Koh Lipe has just to be explored from the years 1990. So it still retains much of the wild strokes of a new island with fresh air and crystal-clear blue water. From Koh Lipe, you can paddle the kayak toward the Adang in the Tarutao area, where there are thousands of thick and interminable forests, with many waterfalls and quiet coast, as a true paradise with tourists love nature.

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You need a reservation if going into the peak season from December to February every year, especially around Christmas or New Year holiday. March, April and November are low season, little tourists and the weather is still very nice. From May to October is the rainy season in Thailand, but you can get 50% discount to resort in Ko Lipe.

  1. Koh Samui Island

Tourism has developed in Ko Samui from the year 1970s, when the first foreign tourists marvel at the white sandy shore, the blue waters, tropical forests and yellow sun all day long. In Koh Samui, you can find everything, from sumptuous 5-star vacation resort to coast bungalow to greet the dawn, making Koh Samui became enjoyable for a holiday with the family.

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As an unwritten law to protect the tranquil coastline, the tallest buildings are also not allowed higher palm trees nearby, to not cover vision of visitors. This coast also saw the most romantic moments in the couple’s wedding day.

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You can easily plan a self-sufficiency trip with family to Koh Samui. Everyday, you can take the cheap flight with the service to transit to the island from Don Muang airport to visit this ideal paradise vacation.