Discover Interesting Experiences When Travelling To Bali

If you are a lover of romance, then when traveling to Bali, you definitely cannot miss the unique flower bath service, this is considered a way for you to balance your emotions, completely relax your muscles.

Set amidst lush greenery in the town of Ubud, The Udaya Resorts and Spa is one of the best value-for-money resorts on the paradise island of Bali. In addition to accommodation, here mainly provides health care, relaxation, and nature. The lowest price is 450 USD/night (about 10.3 million). In particular, what is making tourists crazy recently is an outdoor pool filled with beautiful petals.

Flower baths are aromatherapy, also known as Aromatherapy. People use aromatic herbs from natural ingredients to relieve pain, stress, lower blood pressure, fight insomnia, or hair loss. Many controversies still occur regarding the impact of natural oils on the human body. However, some studies have proven that essential oils are really effective when combined with other healing methods.

The stage for preparing the bath for customers is carefully taken by the resorts. They use natural ingredients, ensuring freshness such as petals, leaves, bark, roots, seeds and fruits grown in gardens on the island. Owners also offer other beauty services to choose from. Average price for a shower from 9 USD (30 minutes). However, visitors can choose different combos to satisfy their clearance needs. Here guests can take a dip, and enjoy dishes from Asia to Europe prepared by Deeva Organic’s chef. The food here is quite good, mostly using natural ingredients, vegetarian and vegetarian.

In addition to relaxing, when using this service, visitors can also have extremely check-in photos, The styling in the flower bath is relatively simple because the context is often elaborately prepared. The female tourists who prefer to be open-minded can choose to show off their nude and sexy curves. Others choose to wear a more gentle, delicate swimsuit. Showing off sexy pictures is not a bad thing. However, Bali visitors should not take offensive, vulgar images to avoid affecting the local culture.

With a poetic setting, this place is suitable for newlyweds or honeymooners. If you have the idea of ​​wanting to organize an unforgettable romantic event, this is an ideal place, but you must note that all activities are limited to 30 people, including the wedding party and must be booked from several months in advance.