What sports you should try when traveling on the beach

Although marine tourism is still a problem that many people wonder, there are still a lot of clean beaches and worth you to visit this summer.

Cruise is the favorite of most people when summer comes. What is more interesting than being immersed in the cool sea, breathing the salty air but extremely refreshing in the vast sea.

Walking under the sea

Have you ever thought that you could walk on the bottom of the ocean and look at everything deep down there? This is a very new and new form of tourism in some countries. Instead of diving, you will be wearing a hat weighing about 32 kg and walking in the corridor built under the sea. This is not only a very new experience because you will be on the bottom of the deep, but you can also see the coral reefs and feed the fish yourself.

Drive a water motor

Motorcycling is one of the sea services not for the faint of heart. If you love thrills, like surfing through white waves, don’t miss this exciting experience. However, riding a motorbike is not so safe, so if you have never ridden you should follow the instructions of staff or hire a motorcyclist on your behalf.



If you like to fly, don’t miss the paragliding, paragliding experience. This is also a quite adventurous and fascinating sport. Although usually for those who like thrills, but if you are a little worried, do not worry because before flying you will be wearing a life jacket, a protective belt, specific instructions.


You will start flying when the canoe pulls you up about 70 – 100 m. From this height, you will be able to experience the feeling of floating in the sky, watching everything from above. Sure there will be moments of suspense and fear but you will be much more excited and happy.


Add an extremely adventurous sport not for the faint of heart. If you like the feeling of riding a wave, conquering your limits, perhaps surfing is a sport that you should try and even in this season of sea travel.


Of course, learning to surf is not easy, to learn surfing techniques, it will take you quite a long time to practice. In addition to surfing like in the movie, there is another form of windsurfing, which is easier and more suitable for beginners of this sport.

Skateboarding sports for those who love adventure

When arrive at the big wave to roll ashore, the player will stand up and use the skills to control the board to surf on the wave.

Surfing is one of the forms of sports that does not use any assistive equipment other than surfboard. On a board about 2 meters long, players stretched out towards the sea and paddle with their own hands.

Be considered as a technical sport, surfers are mostly professional athletes. Here the waves are not too big but enough for you to try the feeling of riding on the silver waves.

Paddle boarding

Compared to normal surfing, surfing with paddles is the sport which is very simple and easier to play. After only a few hours of practice, a new player can master the paddle board. Thanks to paddles, participants can travel longer distances and play on many different water surfaces such as bays and calm lakes, even crossing waterfalls.


Paddle surfing, considered the origin of modern surfing, is now back with a new look. Although quite similar to inflatable boats and kayaks, or rowing boats, surfboards have lighter paddles and are also more expensive. Therefore, although quite popular in the world but in some countries, paddle board rental service is almost not available. If you are a passionate and conditional, you have to spend from 200 – 400 USD to own a paddle surfboard.


With this sport, players use boards with sail attached to the force of the wind to surf the surface. The player have to spend time on practicing to be able to master the sail. When not used to catching up and catching up with the waves and the wind, it is common to fall into the sea, hit the head of the mast, and the aching person who suffers from the whip of the water will be normal.


When mastering the skills and combining the body’s movements, to sail on the wavefront, players will be very fascinated when they want to conquer one challenge after another. Windsurfing players range from professional, semi-professional to amateur. It depends on the waves and wind.

Skateboarding with towing canoes


Compared to other windsurfing, skateboarding is the easiest game to play. No thanks to waves, wind, boards skimming by drag of canoes. However, players still need to take a basic course to balance the water. After fastening your life jacket, your legs are placed in a straight line on a long board, clinging to the canoe’s zipper, controlling the surfboard in a zig zag pattern, you will leave a huge white wall of water behind you.