The island near Bali, unspoiled landscape has a dinosaur-like shape

The more difficult places to go, the less known, will naturally retain the wild, beautiful beauty like this island.

Bali is one of the most popular places in Indonesia, a tourist attraction year round throughout the month. Indeed, this land is rich in tourist resources, home to fine stretches of white beaches, ethnic-religious temples, mysterious rainforests and many colorful towns. Bali has always been a desirable destination for most tourists around the world.

In fact, off the island of Bali, in recent years a number of remote islands near Bali have been discovered. One of them is Penida Island, a pretty small place that doesn’t have many tourists. Hence its unspoiled landscape quickly attracted many interested people.

Hòn đảo gần Bali, phong cảnh hoang sơ lại có hình dáng như khủng long - 1

Penida is located on the southeastern side of the island of Bali, an hour away by boat. The natural landscape of the island has not been commercialized yet and it retains its original state. The scenery here is very beautiful, with many cliffs and white sandy beaches.

Inside the island there is a bay shaped like a dinosaur. Standing from above, visitors feel like they are lost in a magical world.

Beneath Hanauma Bay there is a white beach, perfect, free of pollution, and the water is so pure that the bottom can be seen. All of these elements make for a stunning photo, suitable for a phone screen.

Hòn đảo gần Bali, phong cảnh hoang sơ lại có hình dáng như khủng long - 2

Hanauma Bay has strange blue cliffs, clear blue water, continuous white waves … Everything is perfect to welcome tourists to visit. However, getting here is not easy, as you will have to take a boat from Bali to Penida, then have to drive and walk to the cliff. Moreover, to get down to this bay, you have to walk along the road along the cliff. It takes about 45 minutes to arrive but it will be an unforgettable experience.